Reiki Training One Day Workshop

Reiki Degree 1 Certificate Training – Chakra and Crystal Workshop included

Reiki is an energy healing modality that is now recognised in progressive hospitals for healing and increasing wellbeing. It’s the perfect tool for health-conscious individuals seeking wellbeing for themselves and others using a natural therapy modality. Reiki has been known to change lives in powerful and positive ways – are you ready to learn how? Our first-degree workshop is perfect for beginners wanting to explore the natural, intuitive and positive healing qualities of Reiki. This course has been approved by the Ashati Institute and Energy Healing Therapies Australia. Included in this course is a special crystal and chakra healing workshop that compliments reiki healing on many levels. You will learn how to select crystals for healing using a pendulum and how to use them on the chakras for healing, combined with your Reiki one training. The main training space is in the studio and then students will work in twos (and or group) in the reiki practice room on three reiki tables. What you’ll get Reiki 1 certificate and full training Reiki 1 attunement, booklet and training material for reference A set of personally chosen chakra healing crystals Crystal healing training one personal guidance session (phone). TRAINING DAYS ARE A SUNDAY: Feb 13th/ Mar 13th/ April 10th/ May 8th/

Reiki Degree 2 Certificate Training – Symbol and Oracle Workshop included

Have you completed our first degree Reiki workshop and are keen to learn more? Get started with degree two and continue your journey to being a Reiki healer! Who can learn second degree Reiki? You can! Well, you need to have taken First Degree already, and we recommend that you leave two months between your First and Second Degree courses. This gives you a chance to get grips with, and practice, what you learned. It’s not a race! You should already have experienced that sense of peace, contentment and serenity that Reiki brings you, and perhaps experienced a spiritual awakening. Now you will carry out special symbol meditations to deepen your self-healing, focusing on energies that bring powerful physical and emotional balancing. Explore intuition: Original Japanese Reiki is a very free and fluid system. An important part of Second Degree is to move beyond standard hand positions when you treat people, to embrace intuitive working. You’ll learn how to allow the energy to guide you in terms of where you rest your hands; it’s a lovely way to work. Practice distant healing: You’ll learn how to send Reiki long-distance in a variety of ways, so you can experiment and find the approach that works best for you. Distant healing is a very humbling and fulfilling practice, a beautiful meditation that connects deeply to the person, or people, that you share Reiki with. Healing opportunities: Animals, plants, friends, family, yourself and perhaps even working towards having your own practice. We can provide guidance on all levels. What you will receive: Reiki 2 certificate and full training Reiki 2 attunements, booklet and training material for reference – A set of oracle cards – One personal guidance session (phone 30 minutes) TRAINING DAYS SUNDAY: 2022 May 22nd/June 19th/July 17th/ Aug 14th/